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What is Fono?

EMITplus, s.r.o. (Ltd.) is the company with the longest history on the Slovak market of software therapy tools for children and adults with the defficiency of communication skills.

Fono is a collection of multimedia applications designed to assist with the therapy of both children and adult patients with such diagnoses.

Although the focus of Fono is presently on people with the communications deficiency, we are already working on additional applications to widen the spectrum of diagnoses that we can assist with.


The development of the second generation of our software commenced in 2006 and it ships now with the following applications:

  • Warm-up
  • Associations (Practice, Test, game of Pexeso)
  • Phonematic Recognition (Practice, Test)
  • Moving Window Reader
  • Dactile Player


First generation of our software has been presented during the Internaltional conference “Clinical, rehabilitation and pedagogical aspects of deafness and cochlear implants”, Bratislava, 3 – 4 November 1995. Since then the software has won many satisfied users in the nursery schools, primary schools, speech therapists, the special nursery and primary schools, as well as children and adults using the software for their home therapy.

Fono1 consists of the following applications:
  • Warm-up
  • Sounds of Everyday Life
  • Vocabulary
  • Phonematic Recognition



Fono3 is already running – as a set of online applications. More on www.Fono3.com